The World Is Dark Today

The wind rustles the withering leaves,

As the sky fades from blue to gray.

The colorful rose bushes fold up their petals,

The world is dark today.

A girl walks alone through the forest,

Through this cold world of silence.

She takes no notice of the danger that might befall,

Or the possible violence.

Inside her head, she feels safe,

Her young mind happy and free.

But behind all the lies she holds the truth,

A secret kept for eternity.

Running deeper into the forest,

The forest isn't a forest at all,

more a passageway out of destination,

her lies shall be her downfall.

She collapses to the ground,

Onto the cruel, hard Earth,

And she cries into her hands,

For all the agony her life has birthed.

Someone should have lead her,

In the right direction,

For perhaps they did and she did not listen,

I believe she has learned her lesson.

There's nothing to fear but fear itself,

And in fear you shall always be,

Unless you fight the fear

and replace it With strength and bravery.

Tomorrow is a new beginning,

A chance to make things right,

But for this girl tomorrow is too far,

And too cold is the night.

Laying down on the weathered, damp grass,

This girl weeps in her sorrow.

She eventually falls into sleep,

And makes it to tomorrow.

She awakens with a new perspective,

With strength from sleeping through the night,

And as all the lies fall behind her,

She begins to live her life.