The Ring

on the fourth finger left hand
a thin band of silver rises
to a gleaming heart-shaped stone
why do I wear it?
I am not yet married on this earth
but my soul is wed to the Love of all Loves

the ring is a reminder of what we all need
love promised now to forever
costing the Lover everything

the ring is my commitment to Him
to love Him as best as
my weak sinful human heart will allow

the ring is not my first
another reminded me of my love
till the stone fell away
why should this surprise me?
when one has an eternal love
one will go from ring to ring forever

someday He may will for me
to share my life with an earthly man
I will take this blessing with joyful gratitude
and move the soul-ring to the other hand
for my soul will always be wed to the Love of all Loves