Sweat covered her forehead as she rapidly sat up in bed, eyes wide with fear. Around her the shadows formed the eerie images from her nightmares. Quickly, she reached for the lamp on the nightstand, unable to stand it anymore. The mirages faded away with the darkness and her fear. Suddenly, she saw something coming towards her. Instinctively she jumped out of the bed and grabbed the first thing she could. She didnt even take the time to look at her hand, but by the feel of it, it was her hair brush. Slowly, as if she had forgotten it was there, the brush slipped out of her grip. She didnt notice it was gone until she heard the clatter of it against the hard floor. In front of her was a small silver cube, shining like a star with its own small glow. It beckoned to her, come, come, come away from it all, come, her heart was not listening to the demands she made with her mind, and her hand slowly moved forward. Fingers arched as they extended from the fist, poised over the strange cube. She paused for a moment, and suddenly from nowhere, thunder roared, and lightning flashed. Time seemed to freeze as in the sudden light from a storm a girl in a long silky black night gown held her hand gently poised over a cube of...silver? or was it light, dulled somewhat to a grayish tinge, yet still glowing, all the same?