Death's Citadel

Today I met Death at my window.
He didn't look scary to me.
His eyes smiled at me with a dim glow.
Then, softly He said, "Come with me?"

My hand slowly pressed to the cold glass,
From the other side, his did as well.
For a moment, the sky was a shined brass...
And he wove his eternal dark spell.

I opened my heart to the night-winds,
The passive and sweet sorrow-rain.
In this scape where evil nor good wins,
Let me never see mortals again.

Thoughtless, for lifetimes I drifted,
Death singing his songs about sleep.
But at last, my body he lifted,
And appologized in honey-tones deep.

I couldn't have stayed there forever,
In His citadel, empty of strife.
He told me to be young and clever.
I, given no choices, chose life.

He left me alone at the sunrise
With naught but a hasty farewell.
Now I dream every moon of his dark eyes,
And Death's land, and the stories He tells.

April 22, 2003.