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I walked out of the bathroom to find Livia looking at one of my tank tops trying to figure out what all the straps were for. I smiled to myself then walked over to show her. After I explained it (I still think she was confused) she said she'd just find something else. The tank top would look really cute on her so I told her to wear it and handed her some dark colored jeans to go with it, then she left to go change in the bathroom.

I let out a sigh and waited for her to change so I could do her hair. I stood by the door for a little bit, but she seemed to be taking her time so I leaned against the wall. I had my eyes half close when I heard some weird noise. I stood up and listened, it sounded like a yelp or something. I didn't hear anything anymore though. In fact, it was completely silent.

I asked uncertainly. Come on, get changed, I'm hungry and I want to do your hair! I promise, it won't be anything weird! Still silence.

I pounded on the door softly at first then louder when she didn't answer and I got frustrated. I'm coming in! I yelled.

I opened the door and burst in, not caring if she was half naked or anything. I started but stopped when I looked around and saw she wasn't there.


I awoke to what sounded like water falling and then rushing downward. I couldn't remember what happened and when I tried to move my head a wave of pain hit me. When I tried to open my eyes everything was blurry, as if I was looking through a foggy window. I closed my eyes again then slowly tried to open them. This time I could make out what looked like trees and sky..."outside, I must be outside, I thought. I could feel grass underneath me and to my side there was a bunch of flowers. This didn't make any sense, I didn't remember being outside.

I tried to clear my throat and remember where I was before I blacked out. Kat, I remember Kat...I only saw Kat on Fridays with everyone else. I must of been at her's house...bathroom! I remembered, I was in Kat's bathroom...changing. What the hell happened then? Why would I have fainted while I was changing...? Dizzy...that's right I started feeling really weird and dizzy...then I fainted.

Now I could see clearly and I was clearly outside. The birds were chirping and I could hear a stream flowing next to me. I tried sitting up, every part of my body ached. I finally managed to sit up after a lot of cringing and groaning. I must have fallen or something, for my body to hurt this bad, I thought to myself. Now that I was sitting up I could see the stream next to me and trees all around me. I was in some sort of forest.

Livia, how did you get yourself into this? I asked myself.

Into what? I heard someone ask. I turned around quickly, which I regretted when a fresh wave of pain hit me. I groaned and looked to see who was talking. It was a guy, he looked about my age and he was really kind of cute. This is no time to be thinking some strange guy is cute, Livia, I told myself silently.

Who are you? I questioned.

Well, since I practically live here, I should be asking you that question I think, he said looking at me curiously.

I sighed, even though I had no idea how I got here, this guy was still annoying me. My name is Livia Fischer and I live in Woodland Springs, North Carolina. Somehow I got here but how is another story I don't know, I said and I have to admit, I sounded kind of mean, no wonder the guy gave me this really weird expression and looked as if he was trying to decide if he should run away or stay.

Well, no one finds these woods by accident, you have to be brought here... he trailed off thoughtfully.

Well I dunno but I sure didn't walk into these woods, I was planning on having breakfast and enjoying the day with my friend and now I'm stuck here and my body hurts like hell and I just want to be back at my friends house! I was talking really fast and the guy looked like he thought I was psycho or something.

He sat there and stared at me for awhile, and we all know I hate being stared at so I gave him my death glare and stared right back at him. He looked horrified or shocked, I guess my glare was pretty scary. Then he finally started to talk and stopped staring at me, If you come with me, I can find someone who might be able to help figure out why you're here.

I thought about this for a little bit then decided it had to be better than just sitting here so I said, Fine, where are we going?

Just follow me, can you get up?

Uh huh, I can get up hold on a sec, I said and started to push myself up, but that sent a huge wave of pain up my back and I gave a surprised cry then my arms gave out and I was right back where I started. I looked up to make sure the guy was still there, he was and he looked like he was unsure of what to do. Give me a minute, I can get up, I said trying to assure myself more than him.

Are you sure? I can help you... he said uncertainly.

Nope, I'm fine, I said and tried to find a good position for my hands to push me up. After I was sure they were good, I held my breath and tried to pushed myself up onto my feet. After a lot of pain and cringing I was on my feet and slowly trying to stand upright. Once I was up I started walking toward the guy, it hurt but I could deal.

Well show me the way, I said.

You sure you're all right?

Yes, I'm fine! I just want to get out of here, so please, could we go? I said getting annoyed.

Ok, follow me, he said and started walking toward a bridge that went across the stream.

I did my best to ignore the pain and followed him. Why couldn't I just be back at Kat's house? And why, did I have to fall so hard on the ground?
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