I'm Not Your Toy

Don't assume to know me.
You don't.
You can't see what I'm thinking.
You can't feel what I'm feeling.
You're not me.

Don't pretend to understand.
You don't.
You can't see the full picture.
You can't comprehend the truth.

Don't act like you know everything.
You don't.
You can't solve my problem.
You're just adding to it.

So just go away.
And leave me alone.
In this dark world,
it's best to walk alone.

In a place where no one can see me,
hear me or touch me,
I'm safe.
They can't hurt me that way.

So just go away.
The cuts will heal.
But the heart can't.
I wouldn't allow it to.

Because I don't want to forget.
How you treated me,
how you reacted.
It's forever engraved in my heart.

If I forgive, you get away with it.
Then you'll do it again.
And again and again and again.
Then who gets hurt?

Not you.