A/N: Here goes…

"Tell me, Adam, what is it you see?

"Out of all that was given to you, from the bird in the tree,

"From the fish in the sea,

"To that little bee?

"Tell me, Adam, what is it you see?

"God gave you all of this, he even gave me.

"You see something, I know, your eyes give you away

"Do not tarry in speaking, do not delay

"I want to know now, why don't you just say?

"Say Adam, say what you see.

"All this was given to you, it's lovely, don't you agree?

"But what is the loveliest, Adam, is it me?

"Why don't you answer, Adam, answer my plea?

"Out of all that was given to you, what do you see?"

"I see nothing, Eve, for that's what I've received."

A/N: You might not have gotten it, but I don't care. This is personal in only one aspect: It's my view. Basically it's Eve getting mad at Adam, saying how God gave him everything, all the plants and animals were his to name, anywhere he looked he saw something that belonged to him, she even belonged to him. So she's complaining on how she gets nothing, she didn't even have a say in being his wife, and is basically just being stupid and selfish. But Adam responds calmly: "I see nothing, Eve, for that's what I've received," which means that God didn't give it to him, he had no choice either, and that God was making it for himself and putting Adam in charge. If you disagree, I really don't care, 'cause I really don't expect everyone to believe what I do just because I'm expressing it openly. So if you tell me I'm wrong I'll tell you you're wrong; all religion is wrong in my view, so I don't want to hear why yours is correct.

But if you aren't going to complain about my different views in religion, then I'd love to hear what you have to say! ^^ Complaints, suggestions, anything is welcome! Flame away! (I had a bout of poetry that week… then it left me. x_X;)