"Live For Your Dreams"

When you wake up in the morning,
And you don't know what you're living for,
Picture your dreams and what you're aiming toward.
What goal it is you want to reach,
And the barriers you have to breech.

When you look around, and so it seems,
That everybody is against you,
Picture your dreams,
And don't forget what it is YOU want to do!

Like a bird fighting to fly against the wind,
You have to fight to achieve your dreams,
No matter who stands in your way,
Because no matter how bad it seems,
No one can take away your dreams.

I think this poem is better than my other ones (which can be found in Imagination Express). It was also picked to be in the yearbook--so either my teacher has bad taste, or this poem is okay--I'll let you decide.


/If there's an umbrella in my drink, it better be raining./~on a matchbox