I got glass in my foot

From the broken kaleidoscope of dreams

Blood seeped from the cut

And I heard a sea of silent screams

You can dream of fairytales

Build castles in the air

Then your castles collapse

And in the end you don't care

I've rebuilt those palaces

So many times before

But they always fall down again

I don't build any more

I don't know about fate

Don't really trust destiny

But the tide's too strong

I'm just adrift in the sea

Society calls me misguided

But they don't understand

Because I'm cold and alone

Living in ruins again

There's still smoke in the air

From where the bombs fell

The blackened ash was a heart

But now you couldn't tell

That box over there

Was where soul used to live

But she ran away

When robbed of all she could give

So no I don't care

I'll just live in as it comes

Cuz I've seen few roses

And too many guns