O inspiration of youth

Why do you hibernate in the warm days of summer?

Why do you sleep when the air is so fresh and the flowers bloom?

Why do you desert me?

Why do you leave me in the deceptive fairytale

Of cotton candy clouds and lovers?

O merciless inspiration

Why do you only stir when the days turn cold

And snow blankets the dead grasses?

Why do you desire only the pale golden chill of frosted honey sunlight on a winter's day?

And I lie amongst the snows, drawing warmth from your flesh

Your hands are comforting and gentle in their warm caress

Your touch is so falsely personal, for I know you care not for me

Then your fire spreads through me, it's molten flame burning inside

Then you are gone, and I long for your presence again

O heartless inspiration

You have sown your seeds in the winter

Then you leave me

With no thought for the roses that will bloom in the spring