I hate you

Please leave

But I love you

Please believe

I can't take this any more

Go away

I can't live without you

Please stay

You're driving me insane

Tearing me apart

You're keeping me together

I know it in my heart

You say I'm cold

If only you knew

I'm not cold

Just not warm to you

How do you expect me to tell you how I feel?

When you hate me

But I tell you how I feel

And you don't see

Your actions imprison me

But I love who you are

I hate what you do

But we wish on the same star

You hurt me

But I keep coming back for more

A fatal attraction

Your torture draws

You hit me hard

Make me cry

You say you love me

But you lie

You really hate me

That's why you beat me up

If you loved me

Why would you hurt me so much?

Your words cut like knifes

You make me bleed

The names you call me

This I need

For some strange reason

Your abuse makes me feel alive

But it kills me

Already plummeting spirits take another dive

This is like an addiction

I need it this way
You are a hungry shark

And I am your prey

You killed me

But I'm not dead

Because of you

To many tears I've shed

I love you so much

So maybe I don't hate you

I can't stand being here though

Because I hate what you do