Para el Senorita Angel

I wish I could paint a picture of you

So I could show you your special ness.

But how can I paint in those stars

In those eyes, when you're at your best?

I wanted to compare you to a rose

For its beauty and soft touch

But I can't, your beauty is unmatched

Deep down, for it's too much.

I want to tell you "You're special",

And tell you the truth about you,

But there are no words in the dictionary

That can describe you, it's true!

When I think of you by my side

My heart gives a flutter,

Like I've been thinking of an angel

And it melts just like butter.

So how can I compare you

To anything but a cherub, so innocent & sweet?

You are the one, My Susie

For you make my heart skip a beat…

I wish I could tell you everything

All the emotions that I bear

To tell you those 3 sweet words

And to tell you I care