Author's Notes

And another one done!

Many, many thanks to the people who have read/reviewed this story: CapturedHeart, Ashurian, irisclara, mad-man2, Sosiqui, and Baersark. Your enjoyment and enthusiasm has made me have even more fun with the writing of this book.

To anyone who discovers Splendor's Shadow afterwards and reads it, I hope you find it just as enjoyable! Comments and questions are always welcome.

I think I'll begin the next novel on Monday. It will be a new Orlathian one, though taking place in the other Kingdoms as well as Orlath, and a parody of the Quest theme as well as exiled royal heirs coming back to reclaim their thrones. It's also the first book of a planned five-book series. I'm fairly sure now it will be called Prophecy of Four Royals With One Mistake.

Look for me then, and until then, may you laugh as hard as Shadow!