Detetective for the Dangerous

By Pessimistic Poet


I own this story and all of the properties within it. I would like to thank DarkSorceress for inspiring me with her story, "Everybody Has Got a Story". Thank you, DarkSorceress. *smiles*

Warnings: Homosexual themes. Swear words.


Kyle Harkin woke in a hospital, his head throbbing, his pulse beating strongly enough he could feel it in ever corner of his body. He sighed a little, looking up at the clinical white ceiling. This was sickening. Why did he have to have the rookie partner? Why? That meant he had to take bullets for his partner. And stupid shit like that landed him in this position.

A frown of annoyance twisted his lips, distorting his normally attractive features. He needed to have a talk with that kid. There wasn't room for heros in his line of work, and that's exactly what the kid craved: heroism.

His eyes snapped to the door as it opened slowly, revealing a gentle faced young man, his green eyes flickering with a suppressed amusement. "Mister Harkin? You're awake.. Your partner will be happy." He chuckled softly, the sound surprisingly low, husky. It sent arcs of fire through ever fiber of Kyle's being. His frown deepened. So the doctor was attractive. No need to lose his head over that.

"... Who're you?"

"Daniel Kingsolver. Your doctor. You're lucky we had a good staff when you came in.. I don't know if you would have made it otherwise. And you're lucky that your partner had the sense to get you here immediately."

"If I were really lucky... or even smart, I'd have let him get shot. Maybe I wouldn't have to be putting up with him any more." The cop pushed himself up a little, trying to get comfortable.

His statement drew another soft chuckle from the young doctor. "Since you're awake, I can unhook you from most of these machines... Close your eyes if you need to, but stay still." Setting his little clipboard on the table at the foot of the hospital bed, Daniel leaned over to begin unhooking a few of the wires from Kyle. "So what were you guys doing that made you get shot?"

"Kid's got a hero-complex." Kyle leaned heavily against the pillow behind him. "It'll kill us all one day." He sighed a bit. "I'm too old for this."

This time, the doctor didn't simply chuckle, he outright laughed. "Too old? You're in your twenties."

"... Still." The cop looked up at the other man, smiling softly. "I'm too old in spirit."

The green-eyed man smiled warmly, then leaned back and studied his clipboard a little. "You'll be free to go as soon as Cindy decides it... So do your best to annoy her. It'll maek her let you go quicker." He winked, then left the room, leaving the cop to his thoughts.

There was another soft sigh as he watched the other man go. Something about the young doctor intrigued him. Definitly intrigued him. He shook the thought, and he resumed frowning as he thought about what had happened. Maybe they shouldn't have went after the drug dealer immediately... They should have worked their way up like rookies always did. It was just, after so long with Jill as a partner.. He sighed.

It was just as well... He had needed a reminder that he couldn't ask the rookie to pull of the things an experienced officer could do. He really did. And he shook his head. It had been easier to think before that green-eyed doctor had come in.


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