I walk into the barren wasteland

My throat dry and tight

My eyes can no longer hide the cascading tears

For I have been maimed

My body is everywhere

A leg, an arm, a hand

But yet, I still feel whole

I don't know where I am

I see a light in the distance

It's blinding me with its rays

I walk closer

It pulls me in with each step

Whispering words I can't understand

I see the place I long to be


Why can't I touch you?

Why can't you see me?

I shouldn't have left that dreary night

I shouldn't have ran away

But the pain was too great

I knew I couldn't stay

If you would have just let me tell you straight

Then maybe I could have prolonged this fate

But you didn't let me explain my troubles

You just washed your hands of me

Now my body is scattered on the street

All because you didn't want to meet

The baby that could have been

The one you could have shared your life with

But now I'm gone


Dead to you as can be

Are you sorry for what has become of me?

No, of course not

Because you never loved me

I was always second in your life

But now, I am the one moving ahead

I am the one reaching the top

And you are left behind

With the guilt of what you've put me through

I will haunt you for the rest of your life

And you will forever see the image of your wife

The one who loved you with all of her might

Dying in the cold moonlight