Going to make it happen

Summary: Haley, the new girl falls hard for the bad boy of the school.

By: Peach1


"Mom said to wake up!" five year old Trevor yelled and pored water on his sister, Haley. Haley immediately jumped out of bed.

"I'm going to kill you Trevor!" Haley screamed and ran down stairs after Trevor. Haley caught up to Trevor and tickled him.

"Say uncle," Haley told Trevor.

"Uncle, uncle!" Trevor screamed and Haley let go of him.

"Why do you two always have to do this in the morning." Kayla, Trevor and Haley's mom told them.

"She started it," Trevor said and stuck out his tongue at Haley.

Haley was in senior year and her family had just moved to Vermont. Haley's father had died a year earlier. They moved so her mother could find a good job.

"Haley, I need you to drop off and pick up Trevor at his elementary school." Kayla said.

"I am working double shifts tonight at the hospital and I won't be home till after midnight," Kayla added. Haley's mom was a nurse at the hospital.

"You two have fun at school." Kayla said and left the house.

"Okay you heard mom, get dressed. If you're not ready in ten minutes I'm leaving with out you." Haley told Trevor.

"I'm ready," Trevor yelled and stormed down the stairs, three minutes later.

"That was fast," Haley committed.

"Oh, no your not. I'm not going to be seen with you dressed like that," Haley said looking at the Superman Halloween costume Trevor was wearing.

"I'm Superman," Trevor told Haley and jumped into the air like he was trying to fly.

"Get back up stairs and actually wear something normal for once. It's your first day do you want the other kids thinking you're a freak." Haley asked.

"Can I be Spider Man?" Trevor asked.

"No!" Haley yelled.


Trevor made Haley late for school.

"Trevor you are in for it when I get home," Haley mumbled to herself as she walked down the empty hallway to her homeroom. When she opened the classroom door the room became silent and everyone looked at her.

"So nice of you to join us," the teacher said and looked at his paper to see her name, "Miss Sweeney."

"Do you think it's okay to be late for homeroom? Are you going to be a trouble maker this year because I hate trouble makers." The teacher went on. Haley gulped.

"Well, I was late because I had t-" Haley started to explain, but the teacher cut her off.

"I didn't ask for an excuse Miss Sweeney, now sit down." The teacher yelled at Haley.

After a great start in homeroom. Someone bumped into Haley on her way to third period.

"Just great," Haley groaned and looked at the mess. Then she bent over to pick up her stuff, without looking at whom she had bumped into.

"Here let me help," a guy said and handed Haley her notebook. Haley looked up and saw a guy well over six feet with brown spiky hair and a tattoo on his left arm. He was wearing a plain black shirt and baggy blue jeans.

"Thanks," Haley said and taking a strand of her blond hair and putting it be hide her ears and then she took the notebook out of his hand.

"I have never seen you before, you must be new. I'm Tyler." The guy put his hand out.

"Haley," Haley smiled and took his hand.

"Hey Tyler, man." A guy with blue highlights and a nose ring came up be hide them.

"Hey, Mike." Tyler greeted the guy with the nose ring.

"See you later, Haley." Tyler waved and Haley watched him disappear down the hallway.


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