Ch. 10- The End Part 2: Dead and Buried

Alright people here it is, the moment you've been waiting for. The end of Unreality, woohoo! So what's that mean? The most immediate answer is I can focus on my other stories. Anyway here it is, more commentary at the end.


"You're certain this is going to work?" Kou nodded and handed the assault rifle to Kai. Kai checked the gun over and peered out around the corner. This was downright crazy, and Kai wasn't sure he wanted any part of it. This was only the first part of Kou's plan. First was a direct assault on S10's central office, then he would go to work exposing the whole thing. Kou hadn't been wild about the idea himself, but he was pissed and wanted to show them what it had felt like. If Nagasaki had done what Kou predicted he had, the place would be heavily guarded and more than likely Nagasaki wouldn't be there.

"Positive, but if you don't want to come along I won't blame you. If you want to back out, now's the time to do it." Kai glanced at the gun and looked through Kou's mind. He was being honest; he didn't want Kai to risk his life for no reason. This was Kou's battle after all.

"Kou, you know I'm behind you no matter what." Kou looked at him expectantly.

"But?" Kai sighed and handed the rifle over to him.

"But, I can't risk it. I just met the girl of my dreams. There's that, and Kat would be all alone if she lost both of us. Not saying you're going to die that is." Kou smirked at him and checked the rifle.

"Thanks for those reassuring words. Go on, I won't hold it against you. This is a little over your head anyway. I'll be back as soon as I'm done here, and if the other half of my plan worked out like I hope I should have backup for the final run." Kai held a hand out and Kou grabbed his hand, he squeezed it hard just to show him how much stronger he had become and smiled at him. No formal handshake, just a good luck between friends. Kou peered around the corner again, there were armed guards waiting in front of the huge conglomerate building. Kou threw the strap on the rifle over his shoulder and held a palm up, two daggers appeared in it. Moments later, both of the guards were lying on the sidewalk dead. A pang of despair went through his heart, but anybody who could willingly risk their lives for the spineless suits behind the scenes deserved to die. Kou moved quickly down the street and slipped inside the building. The building looked empty; Nagasaki had evacuated all the workers. But there were bound to be countless guards on the higher levels. He ran across the lobby and punched the up button on the elevator. As he suspected, it was offline.

"That's gonna slow me down. I believe Kai said he is up on the thirty- second floor."


It was almost five levels up before Kou was detected by any of the guards. One of them had caught a glimpse of him as he had been ducking through a hall. That didn't matter though, Kou snapped his neck before he could radio in for backup. The sooner he got out the better, he didn't want to kill anymore people aside from the ones directly responsible for ruining his life.

"Bravo six, we've got a possible hostile on level seven. Requesting immediate assistance." Kou heard the voice drifting through the air ducts. These weren't just guards, they were some kind of special ops unit. Kou leapt up into the duct and smirked when he saw a way up to the next floor. It took a bit of effort, but he slowly climbed up the duct to the next floor. Finding it much easier to slip through undetected this way, he continued to work his way slowly through the duct work. That was, until they got smart and gassed the vents. Kou coughed and tried to breath, but was forced to leave the vents fast. He fell through a vent and lay choking on the floor for a moment.

"Freeze!" Kou looked up and clutched the rifle in one hand. He was completely surrounded, and the only way through was going to be to fight. Without another word Kou opened fire, and they returned.


"Yuri, just hold on. I'm going to get you a real doctor." Sasuke looked at his ill sister. He was carrying her in his arms. The hospital was right down the street.

"Can I help you sir?" Sasuke looked at the receptionist and then back at his sister as he entered the hospital.

"What do you think? I need a doctor now!" The woman jumped and quickly called for one. A doctor was there shortly and placed her on a gurney. Sasuke watched as they wheeled her into an emergency room. He wished he could stay, but he needed to repay Kou. One last glance was all he spared before bolting out of the hospital and making a run for Kou's house. If his guess was correct, Kou was already making his way through the S10 building in his blind fit of rage. It was understandable, Sasuke felt like doing the exact same thing. But, he had done his part by killing Mason. Now, he needed to warn Kou before he came face to face with his own death.


"Damn!" Kou placed a hand on his neck and removed it to find his hand soaked in blood. He had survived the shootout, but he was the only one. He had multiple bullet wounds, but none of them were enough to stop him. Not until he had finished what he had set out to do.

"So, you made it through the guards I see." Kou looked up to see a face he had come to hate since his friend's passing: Gaara.

"You work for this prick then, I should have guessed. Get out of my way; I don't have time for you." Gaara chuckled and rammed Kou into a wall with his forearm.

"You'll make time for me. And you know why? Because if you can't get through me, you're going to die." Kou grunted and kicked Gaara away, falling to the ground as Gaara stumbled back. Why was everybody out to kill him? He wasn't the bad guy here, Nagasaki was!

"Look, we don't have to do this. Whatever that ass is paying you, it's not worth it. He's using innocent people in dangerous experiments. I'm here to shut him down; you could help me put a stop to him. Don't you understand that you're being used?" Gaara chuckled again.

"You don't understand Kou, I was the first experiment. Of course I know what the fool has been doing. I have only been working with him because I have plans of my own. Plans that involve you. If you don't get through me, I'll kill you and him. Either way, you'll get your revenge so don't worry." Kou pulled himself up to his feet and readied his rifle. He fired a controlled burst into him. Gaara was gone before any of the bullets met their mark.

"Goodbye Kou, I was hoping for a bit more of a fight." Kou spun around and stared in horror as Gaara brought his fist forward in what looked to be a penetrating blow to his gut. His fist never connected. Gaara grunted as he was tossed off his feet and into the wall. Kou smirked when his eyes met Sasuke's.

"Sorry I'm late, I meant to warn you about him before he made an attempt on your life."

"It's no problem, just try a little harder next time."

"Whatever, just get going. I'll handle pale face." Kou nodded, tossed the rifle to Sasuke and made his way into the large office.


"Nami, you bitch! You were supposed to be here today! I specifically told you that I needed you here today to help me!" Nagasaki screamed into his phone, he almost felt like strangling the smooth voice that replied.

"I'm sorry sir, but I quit yesterday. A very reliable source gave me a tip that I would be out of a job by the end of today, so I took the initiative and found a new one. Sorry, but I don't answer to you anymore you ass." He swallowed a lump in his throat as he put the phone down and heard the heavy doors open behind him.

"And here I though you would have been smart enough to leave. Surprised to see me?" Kou smirked at how uncomfortable Nagasaki looked. Sweat poured down his pudgy face and he had moved out of his seat to the large glass window.

"Mr. Mezami, I'm sorry about all of this. We can make a deal, I'll play any price. Just name your price and I'll give it to you!" Kou closed the doors behind him and took one step forward.

"We're way past bargaining, all I want now is your head! And trust me, there is nothing you can do to keep me from killing you, you fat bastard!"

"Gaara!" A muffled thump was the only response that he got.

"Your little rat is busy; looks like you've got nobody to save you. Isn't that a shame?" In one move, Kou leapt forward and threw his fist into the glass window. It shattered on impact and he caught Nagasaki before he could fall out of it.

"The only problem I'm having is that I can't decide whether I want to kill you quickly and just end this whole thing. Or if I want to drag it out, and make it as painful as possible. I mean, you didn't skip out on any of my torture. You made sure Mason put me through everything. So, how should I do this?"

"Just toss him out the window, don't worry, there's no evidence that we did any of this and we'll walk away with a clean slate." Kou looked back at Sasuke and nodded.

"You're right, Kat's waiting for me. I almost hate to do this Nagasaki. Then again, I don't think I do." He released the man, not listening to a word of his pleading as he dropped hundreds of feet to the street below.


"Enjoying the night Kat?" Kat nodded before looking over at Kai and Nami. It was all over, had been for almost two weeks now. Kou had been given more than enough time to recover, and had insisted on taking everybody out for dinner; including his father, Sasuke, and Yuri. Yuri's condition had indeed been curable, nothing major at all and Sasuke was thankful to have his baby sister back.

"So Kou, going back to school now that this whole thing has blown over? I mean, sure you have some messed up new abilities, but it's boring without you man." Kou laughed at Kai.

"Oh really, so the 'kid' isn't as boring to have around as you say." Kai smiled.

"Of course not, and you aren't a kid anymore Kou. From now on, you're just as much a man as me or your father. That took guts you know, taking down that whole company single-handedly." Kou shook his head.

"Not alone, I just did the grunt work. Sasuke dug up all the dirt to make sure that the company stays out of business for good. I just wish that it hadn't been as bloody as it was. At any rate, I'll be back in school next week. I'm sure you're all very excited to here that." Kat nodded again.

"Of course dear, there's just no excitement in my day without you Kou." She kissed him and he looked over at his dad after returning her kiss.

"So what do you think of the whole story dad? A little far-fetched right?" Mr. Mezami took another bite of his steak and wiped his mouth.

"Kou, I always knew you were special. This special, I never would have guessed. Your mother would be proud of you, except we might have had to leave out the final part when you ended the whole thing." Kou chuckled.

"But the one thing that bugs me the most."

"What's that dad?" Mr. Mezami gave him a lopsided grin.

"I have to replace your truck." Kou smirked.

"No, I've got a bike now. And I know your rule, as long as I wear a helmet its okay with you. I know how you and mom felt about those 'donor- cycles.'" Kou dropped the conversation for a moment as he looked over at Sasuke.

"Awfully quiet Sasuke, you alright?" Sasuke nodded.

"Of course, I'm just thinking about everything I was put through. Who did they think they are? Trying to use other like they did for their own selfish gain?" Kou raised a hand.

"Please, just don't worry about it. They were idiots but it's all in the past. Time to move on right? You got your sister back, and that's all you really wanted right?" He nodded, but there looked to be something else troubling him. Kou didn't push it. He was tired; it would take a few more weeks to completely get over everything, especially the loss of his friend Jesse. He was free, it was over, and he was with Kat. Everything he could ask for, except his mother. Kou shrugged to himself. Who knew maybe one day he'd even go back to leading a normal life? One thing he was sure of. Whatever came next, he was certain no ordeal would compare to this. Funny thought, he never would have guessed how wrong he would end up being.

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