Oh mother dear

My loving mother dearest

How do I put to words

My love I hold for thee?

Such intense emotions

Hardly glorified with words

And yes, my caring father

Such a sweet, forgiving soul...

How could I omit thee

From my ode to thy perfections?

What's this you say?

My love-

It goes for granted?

Well, I had figured it would

For surely

You never change.

Ah, I understand now

You truly don't appreciate

My snide, sardonic prose

Or nothing, for that matter.

Not grades that I strive so hard

To merely please you once

Oh please, can't I have just once?

Nor love

Nor me...

Why do I even try?

When it never does a thing

But further wrench my heart?

Alright then, fine

I promise to be blunt

I promise not to hinder

With my onslaught of confessions

So long as you won't shoot me

As you have before

With your guns of vile misconceptions

My words-

They shall be blunt.

So you may be au fait with them

Unlike so many other things.

So I promise to be direct

May my words be as such too

So hard, so frank

So cripplingly strong

That I shall hope

With great conviction

I shall wistfully aspire

As to slice right through your dead membranes

And cast a bruise upon your hearts.

But can one really wound a stone

With such simple, petty words?


But one can smash one

With a hatred never-ending

That boils through my veins

You can crush the blackened rock

Into a billion fragments of a tombstone

They skitter to the winds beyond

Never to be seen.

And you won't miss them-

I assure you-

Who could miss a stone?

Oh, you think I only say this

To purely 'piss you off?'

I thought as much.

So typical.

You think that I declare these things

So might arouse your beasts

Your brutal, vicious geysers of vexation?

Oh, but only a fool would do that.

Wait, I had forgotten...

That's what I have been dubbed.

I suppose its best; I have no other name.

For surely,

Only a fool would choose endurance

A trek through such horrid lanes

Over fast and tempting end.

But after all, if you recall,

That was the fateful path

That I so wisely chose

'Til you blocked it with your 'love.'


Such an undying phrase

So uttered by your mouths

That bubble with contempt

When you really mean its foe

Since one who really loved me

Once who really cared-

One who really felt-

Would not need a stupid word.

Besides, you never even said that

Until I made you do it.

Until I made you see

Those swollen scratches on my arm

Trailing down my pale, maltreated wrists

The sewage of my anguish.

But you really didn't see.

You were blinded by the rage.

You didn't see my demons

Skulking through the caverns of the my heart

Those dank and dreary grottos

So infested with putrid sorrow

And webs spun of pure derision.

No you didn't see those minions

Of the Prince of such contempt

That you so beckoned in.

You showed him through my gates

Once gilded



Now corrupted by His essence

Leaking darkness in my home.

'Here, come in, she's weak and for the taking,'

You spat those words

They slithered from your illusory lips

Into His avaricious ears

Like venom in my soul

To poison me with 'love.'

Yes, I know what love is

You have taught me it so well

With your kicks, your shrieks and yells

With your lashings

With your beatings

Both physical and not

With your overworking of my heart

With your indifference

Your performance of comprehension

How could you understand me...

When you barely know my name...?

But still, you claim to love.

What does that mean, again?

Am I wrongly equipped

With an unenlightened dictionary?

Do you hold all the truths

Of love and such conception

That you have all the knowledge?

I will look that 'wisdom' up

While I'm at it,

What's my name?

Which daughter am I...

The 'flawless' ecological one

With cynical, sharp grey eyes

That shoot daggers to those who glare

And even those who don't...

Oh wait, you'll never see that

She is perfect-

She is yours...

What about the lovely nymph

Who you criticize and scold

So much like me-

The one with flowing golden locks of light

Who paints Heaven on the canvas...?

Too bad you'll never see that.

You are shaded by your abhorrence.

It seems to gouge out your eyes so much.

But no...

I am the unnamed girl

To whom you scarcely pay a heed

Save when I do a wrong

Be it of my own or not.

How could I be one of them?

For their souls belong to you

And as for me-

My soul-

It does not.

Somehow, this is my fault.

And you wonder why I weep.

Such delight you seem to take

Such passion, such an ecstasy

In the dashing of my dreams

The savage slashing of my love

You crush my heart into the dust

A million times here over

And you wonder why I hate.

Any contradiction

To your 'sensible' beliefs

Results in such a screaming fest

That I always seem to speculate

Should I really keep my mind?

A simple transformation

To your drooling, droning slave

Just like all the rest

Might save my spirit from that pain

That I-

My own unique persona-

Has brought down upon its face.

I hear your screams again

How many times a day?

Echoing through my ears

Like a whisper from the devil

'Stop that shit!'

'You aren't like that!'

'Don't read such awful crap!'

'I don't care; just get to work!'

'I don't think you're trying!'

And tell me, dears, why should I even try...?

How can you know what I'm like

When you cannot understand

Such a magnitude of hatred?

'That's it-we've had it. Bill, I'm gonna kill her.'

A slap

A kick

A bash into my core

A crashing to the ground

A bloodied bruise upon my face

It sends you to conniptions

'Here, you'd better ice it

'Dammit, please stop crying!

Why'd you hit her so damn hard!?

If you call the cops...'

But will it really help me?

Ice cannot heal such scars


They last forever.

That's what their name implies.

You might not

But my impression of you shall

Should a little girl

From an age preceding five

Really need to fear

With a terror unheard by most

The very woman she was borne from?

Or the man who made her be?

Some may say no.

And they are right.

But I know you will deny this

Just as you always have

For hearts of stone

Are set as such

A tombstone of one's soul.

Just keep in mind

When I am gone

Please remember me-

If you can-

Recall my name

In your ashen, caustic hearts

Remember me- the no one.