A/N: This was previously published under the name of AndrewB, just as I was starting to understand my furriness. It's more a historical oddity than anything else, but I still have a soft spot for it, so I'm republishing it now under my own name.


I'm outwardly a human shape
By nature melancholic,
But in my head is where are spread
The fields in which I frolic.

In dreams I race across the grass
To burrows underground,
Where rabbits play, both night and day,
In darkness safe and sound.

But danger stalks the outer world
Wherever I may roam,
And fox's breath - the stench of death
Is never far from home.

Then morning comes with bright new dawn
I lie awake in bed,
No longer paws nor needle claws
But human hands instead.

Though when I walk upon the hills
Should rabbits wander near,
I stop and stare, and then and there
I try to catch their ear.

I'll speak to them in their own tongue,
In Lapine, I should say,
And though they cannot talk to man
They'll listen all the day.

The sheer elation that I feel
When speaking to my kind
(For that is how I know them now)
Is something rare to find.

It's odd but now I come to tell
About what I have gained,
A rabbit phenotype for me
Seems almost preordained.

So come with me along the runs,
And burrow deeply down:
In Nature's mix, with thousand tricks,
We rabbits wear the crown!