Uncompromising Love

Lost and confused,

I look around,

And finding nothing,

Where are the friends

Who said they'll support me?

Where are the friends

Who said they're at my side?

Wistful thinking it was

To think that I could count on them.

I meant nothing to them.

Just another one of the crowd.

No one to confide in,

None who would ask,

None who would listen.

How could I live any longer?

Who would care,

If I shoved off this mortal coil?

But Lord,

You were there all long.

Holding my hand

When I was faltering, Picking me up,

When I fell down.

And through the flames of testing

The world brought me through,

You never let go of my hand.

So I cling to you Lord,

Never let me go.

I place my trust in you

Cause I can place my trust nowhere else.

When I'm crushed and down,

I will look to the heavens

And call on your name.

And I know,

You will answer.

Turn from the world,

To start another life,

With you in charge of my life.

Lord, strengthen me

And let my eyes not go back

To what once was

But to what will be,

Guide my path,

To where you may lead me,

Friends may come and go,

But the Lord never changes in his uncompromising love.