Just something I was so depressed.enjoy!

Forgive me, mum.


I know that I,

Have hurt mum last night,

And mum felt that I,

Was not grateful to mum.


Last night mum said that I,

Had complained about mum last night,

To the people that I,

Do not know yet are mum's friends.


I know that I,

Did said a lot of stuff last night,

But I want to say that I,

Did not complain nor hate mum.


Sometimes I felt that I,

Do not deserve to be mum's child,

But God gave me to mum and I,

Am grateful to be mum's child.


I wish to say that I,

Am sorry for everything last night,

And also want to say that I,

Did not mean it that way last night.


I wish to say that mum,

Had misunderstood me last night,

But I know that mum,

Doesn't admit that mum was wrong.


I know that it is I,

Who was at fault last night,

And I know that it is I,

That made us not in speaking terms now.


I have no choice so I,

Had wrote a letter to mum today,

And later mum will have it for I,

Will place it at a table before I leave.


Don't get me wrong for I,

Am not running away today,

But I'm just leaving for I,

Need to ease my mind for now.


In the letter says that I,

Apologize about what happened last night,

And also it says that I,

Will always love mum no matter what.


I know that mum,

Will still be mad at me now,

So I wish that mum,

Would have the heart to forgive me.

I'm sorry, mum.

Forgive me, mum.

The end.

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