Josephina, or Jo, swore under her breath as Romeo shoved her (with his shoulder) into her locker in his hurry to meet his 'friend' Kaelei. She sighed after the original grunt at the unwanted physical contact and thought about how she couldn't stand him. She shook her head; she was not going to waste her day on Romeo. She looked at her apperance once more before she went to meet her friends De and Kori. Her baggy black jeans hugged her hips, her blue shirt had bright red letters; her dark brown hair had bright red tips, and she on heavy black eyeliner. She smiled at her mental survey. She liked her clothes, even though others didn't seem to (like her mother...). She turned and ran to find Dreamaleigh, or De, her best friend at her own locker. She grinned at De because her blonde hair had blue streaks now, she had light blue baggy jeans, white DC's, black eyeliner, and an orange shirt, which helped her stand out. She just grinned as De looked up.

"Hey, De." She said to her friend, "How was the weekend?" she asked. "Nice hair."

"I went with Toni to the movies." De said happily, "and thanks."

"Are you two going out yet? Or what?" She finally asked after an awkward pause, exasperated with their indecision. They had basically been dating for two years, yet nothing official had happened; De happily labeled them 'unofficially official.'

De muttered, "Thank God," as Kori walked up because Kori's prescence saved her from answering. Kori's light brown hair with purple streaks clashed with her red shirt and her dark form-fitting jeans.

"I like your shirt, Kori. Do anything interesting this weekend?" Jo asked.

"Besides get the newest Disturbed cd? No." She smiled.

"Can I burn it?" De asked. The group laughed at her enthusiastic response, very predictable.

"Hey, Toni." De said when their hispanic friend walked over, "Who were you talking to?"

"Steve and Brandon." He said with a slight spanish accent. Jo frowned as she inspected his clothes. His khaki pants were more form fitting than usual and he was wearing a blue striped polo shirt.

"What stopped you?" Kori asked as Jo looked at Toni, and his pissed off expression.

"Romeo. He really pisses me off." Toni said and then looked at Jo and grinned. "See something you like?"

"I agree with you about Romeo but . . . what's with the clothes?" Jo said as De and Kori finally noticed his shirt, perfectly avoiding his question.

"You look like prep." Kori said and shuddered at the thought. She took a step back from Toni and took a step towards Jo, trying to hide behind her. "He's not a prep..." she kept chanting and Jo was snickering at her.

"My mom was tired of the 'punk' look." Toni said, looking at his brown shoes that were more than slightly uncomfortable.

"Momma's boy." De muttered. When he turned and looked at her, she flashed him her straight white teeth, thinking that she rather liked 'momma's boys'. They were all having a good time, laughing at Kori's insanely corny jokes, and then Romeo walked by . . .