Jo heard her mom walk in the next morning to wake her up at 6:15. She groaned as her mom said, "JO? YOU HAVE TO GET UP! WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN THIRTY MINUTES TO GET THERE ON TIME! ROMEO? KORI? STEVE? GET UP ALREADY!"

The four teenagers scrambled out of their rooms and into clean clothes. Each putting on old jeans and tee shirts with boots; they had no idea what was in store for them today. They took turns brushing their teeth and getting ready for the day.

By the time they finished Romeo's mom was yelling, "COME TO THE CAR OR WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR FOOD!"

Romeo laughed, that was like his mom, put it blunt and not very gracefully. Steve and Romeo walked ahead while Jo pulled Kori out of bed again. Jo was handling it because, as she told Steve, if he was to do anything to get Kori out of bed, he would just end up in it with her. He had agreed, chuckling as Jo pulled on Kori's heels, her boots flying off.

Romeo turned to Steve, "So.. we haven't talked about you and Kori's relationship yet," Romeo opened his parent's car door for Steve to get in.

Steve groaned, he knew they were going to get to this, "I really like her..."

"I know, and I think she's great for you and just in general."

Steve turned to him and thought 'Thank God for Jo.' "So.. we haven't talked about you and Jo either. What's going on?"

"I don't know. I mean, I like her, but it seems like everything's moving so fast..."

"Then slow it down, Romeo, you don't have to act like your character from Romeo and Juliet. Make sure you know what you're doing, what's going on.. talk to her about it. That seems logical to me."

Romeo smiled, "Yeah, thanks."

Meanwhile.... Kori fell out of bed as Jo tipped the mattress over. "WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!" She screamed in Kori's ear. Kori leapt up.

"Then let's go." She was already dressed and ready to go, she had just gone back to bed by the time Jo's mom came to wake them up. Jo stared open mouthed and walked out the door with Kori, running to her parent's car. They got in and the cars started and they left for breakfast.

When they got to the breakfast lodge, Kori and Jo got out of Jo's parent's car and hung behind her parents on the way there.

"Jo?" Kori asked, "Is it okay with you that I'm dating Steve? I mean, I'm going to anyway. I really like him, but I just wanted to know."

Jo said, "I never had a problem with Steve! I even told him so! It's fine and obvious that you two like each other. How long have you liked him by the way?"

"About uh, a year. I've thought he was completely hott for two years.. but those things can't be helped." She laughed with Jo, "But I wouldn't even listen to him when he tried to talk to me because he was friends with Romeo and I was friends with you. Stupid huh?"

"No, it shows loyalty. Even though you knew you could like him, you still refused. It was inevitable that you two would be together... to end the fued or something.. but it was good at the time, nonetheless." Jo finished as they entered the breakfast lodge.

Steve and Romeo watched the girls enter the lodge, deep in conversation. Jo had a look on her face that said she felt guilty yet proud of something... Romeo looked at Kori, or someone, he thought. "Go to her, man." Romeo told Steve when Kori looked up at him questioningly.

He ran to her and hugged her. Kori giggled as he twirled her around. Romeo sat down and ate the breakfast provided and waited on Jo to get to him and sit down, if she was going to, near him.