By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some secrets we try to hide,
And there are some secrets we try to find.
The eros mist
Was one of those secrets,
That only one man was willing to find.

He had some gear packed up--tons and tons,
And had headed off to the himalayian mountains.
For according to the legend of the saverns,
There was a secret cavern
Deep within those very mountains.

Also according to the legend of the saverns,
Hidden deep within the cavern
Was a box,
In which the eros mist was boxed,
And remained,until that one day,inside the cavern.

Chuck Majors was his name,
And adventure was his game.
With the book of the saverns,
He had finally found the cavern,
Where everything had remained the same.

Then,since his mom had raised no loxes,
Chuck had finally found the box.
And then,he had turned on a dime,
And hoped that he has the time
To get back home with the box.

Sometime later,
In the city of Denver,
Chuck had entered his home,
And gave the box to Rebecca Storm,
His live-in lover.

She had opened the box,and took a whiff.
And suddenly,after that one little sniff,
Rebecca had wished to make love
To her own personal turtle dove,
Who had also taken a sniff.

Suddenly,Chuck and Rebecca,like under a witch's hex,
Had indeed the most fantastic sex,
Due with a little assist
From the eros mist.

Then,they had slowly danced
After a hour,or two of hot romance.
Their love was so true,
That it was never meant to be blue.
To:Chuck and Rebecca--a lifetime of romance.