Title: Hello, Goodbye (01/01)
Author name:
E.D. Fiorentino
Category: Angst
Sub Category: General
Keywords: Evanescence, angst
Rating: T
Summary: The confessions of a teenage girl on her feelings for a boy that she likes whom she thinks doesn't notice her. Rated T for strong language and depressing content.
DISCLAIMER: This story has been derived from the depths of my imagination and persons and related matter—living or dead, past or present—is purely coincidental.
Author notes: This was written while listening to "Hello", by Evanescence…beautiful song, heartbreaking lyrics….

Hello, Goodbye

It's as though today's a funeral. Although it's late June, the rain is pouring down, and it can't be warmer than sixty-five degrees outside. Yes, this is the Pacific Northwest, but it's ridiculous.

I stand out in the rain, watching you from my spot on the pavement. I watch you laugh, young and carefree. Your smile lights up the room as though you are the sun, and the warmth fills the surrounding area and gives life to those around you. But you don't notice me. You never will.

What would happen if one day I didn't come anymore? If I just ceased to breathe? Would you be sad? Would you even care?

I walk through the doors, a smile fixed on my face. Maybe this is all just a dream I'll wake up from. Maybe I'll just think of you no more, my thoughts dissipating into nothingness, consumed by my childish love for something I can't have.

Hello. Do you see me? I'm right here…please, talk to me, I'll talk to you….

I'm not really here…although seeing you is the highlight of my day, the climatic end to a tragedy, I feel nothing but sadness.

Your eyes flick away form everyone to take me in, just the plain girl whom you've known for three years, and then away again.

My heart falls. I've fucked up everything, every chance I ever had with you. I'm still here, painfully aware of everything. My hopes to wake from this dream, this nightmare, are shattered. I'm falling away…falling into a black abyss with no bottom…it's all so far away….

Hello, I'm still here! You may ignore me, since I'm all that's left of yesterday, a fragment of my former self, nothing but a former shell.

Hello to the darkness, and goodbye to you.