Letters: Dear Love, Yours sincerely, Death
Part 1 - A beginning

Dear Love

Through the years I've torn your work
Slashed those intricate spells, which amongst the heart lurked
But though it's my reference to channel the living toward the abyss
I've found that more often than not, you tend to conquer them with just one kiss
Oh, I know I corrupted the meaning of you
But 'twas not me who made you to be the sun and the moon
Dreamers see you as their forever savior, if only they had witnessed your ways
Of dragging the victim beneath your sweet surface, and into you madness, day after day
I may seem like your opposite, but you're my midnight and I'm your night
My intoxicating lure, my midnight dream, you're your own enemy when seen in the light
And if you had ever again set foot on that cold hell you rein over, that breathing orb called earth
You'd see their reality, where love is a fate worse than death, their nightmare of pain unearthed
Oh, I imagine you as you read this; you're virgin, unknowing eyes
Widening in the knowledge that for so long now your eternal bliss has been seen as only a lie
Your realization that you are the new Grim Reaper, and no longer seen as a birth of sorts
But one who is mourned even in sleep, leaving only a whisper of your once tempting taunts

Maybe you should look one night as you threat over my words, at those invisible wounds
You're so called, 'bliss' inflicted.
Maybe even feel them as they reach for that invisible knife and cut deeper still their wounds
Until they can endure no more and reach for reality's knifeā€¦

Sweet dreams

Yours Sincerely