Letters: Dear Love, Yours sincerely, Death
Part 7 – A Conclusion, Deaths last word

Dear my Love

I wish I had listened to your torturous song
But instead I realize, I danced to its beautiful tune, and let the words wrap around my denying ears
For every time my doubts rose to the surface, your vampire like perfume would drain away reality's fears
And my fierce desire for life to be my perfect dream, hid the world of midnight hell hesitating through your waking eye
I breathed the air you left in your wake, wrapping through my every molecule the sweet darkened aura of your lies
I bathed in the water of your life, the warmth of angels caressing my every sense, my every nightmares clarity
I ran free upon the earth of your face, upon the iridescent skin which called my lips, my attention, my fidelity
I burned in the flames of your passion whenever your voice graced the obliging airwaves, the trapdoor to my soul
I never wanted to admit there might be something wrong, that even the sweetest smelling rose dies
So I was the reactant in life's experiment against you, the blistering acid which kept you alive merely so I could rise
I started preparing my grave the first day I saw you, the sway of your body doing a tango with life
And you became the reason I woke in the morning, the cause of my mortal tears, my immortal strife

Though my days had never been more beautiful
While I knew your lungs still breathed the same air as my own
And my moon had never risen so swiftly
Just to see one smile grace that weapon armed with kisses
My love for you was the ocean of your death
And my obsession with you was the water which filled your lungs
So you may be my conquered slayer, my secret well of tears
And I may be your everlasting torture, your secret one who cares



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