Your Words killed Me


I'll hate you, mom, for the rest of my life.

Even when I have turned to ashes,

even when I have turned to dust.

I will not forgive.

I will not.


Sometimes I wonder, who hurt who first?

This cycle has gone on for far too long.

I want to end it, but I can't.

You wouldn't let it end.

The more you hurt me, the more I want to hurt you, hurt others and

hurt myself.


You think that your words don't matter, but they do.

They do.

Your words slice through my heart like a razor blade, filled with malice.

Your words trample over my fragile ego, like a stampede, leaving nothing untouched.

And I ask you,

what did I do to deserve this?


Was it because I was born?

You blame me for everything that has not gone your way.

What went wrong?

I didn't cause them. I swear I didn't.

So why do you keep on accusing me?


And now this shattered heart wants to be mended.

Will someone come and fix me? It asks.

It wouldn't happen.

Mom's words will come again,

and their wrath will be too hideous.


Even if someone did try to fix my heart,

some precious shards will have been lost from it.

Some scars will not heal.

Some memories will not fade.

And the hate will remain.


29/4/2003 Tuesday Evening

Note: I have always wondered which is worse – Physical abuse or Verbal abuse. Please review it ?