Sunny Standing

Sunny sits down by her mirror

Her face is a maze of dark and light

Close your eyes, you can see her

She is waiting for you to prove her right

Sunny stands up in her bedroom

Her face is a river of constant tears

She crouches down in the beautiful gloom

That has been there a thousand years


Sunny is hanging on the edge

Of an abyss that will swallow her whole

But somehow she wants to be there

Her life is the one thing she can control

She's waiting for you with her arms extended

To push her off or to pull her out

She's hanging in the middle with her soul untended

Wondering what this is all about…

Sunny walks up to the window

Her face is a shadow of impending doom

She feels an ill sort of comfort, though

In the heaviness of the extending gloom

Sunny stares down at the sidewalk

Her face is a question mark of life or death

She's waiting for the door to unlock

For someone to save her final breath


Why aren't you going to save her?

Do you think she's nothing to you?

Do you think the dark that enslaved her

Is all but a question of who?

Sunny is standing

Sunny is standing…

Sunny gets down from the window

Her face is an old clock, tattered and worn

The moon releases a faint glow

But Sunny knows that she's just been born

Now Sunny is standing

Now Sunny is landing

Sunny is standing…