Today I have aged a thousand years

Today I have staged the setting for

My next great opus

Today I have dried a thousand tears

Today I have tried to touch a moon

Yet far away from us

Today, today

I have vanquished myself

Put my fear on the shelf

Today, today

I have conquered my fear

Told all I hold dear

That I love them all the more…


Today I am strong by the height of my stance

Today I am wrong, and it makes me proud

To know I can say "I'm sorry" aloud

Today I am pure by the light of the dance

Today I am sure I can find the way

And that I grow more each day

Today, today

I am confident, sure

I have shattered the lure

Today, today

I am filled with the grace

Of not saving face

For the sake of admitting I'm wrong…


Today I will shatter the illusion of fear

And it doesn't matter if they won't believe

'Cause they'll never know

What I have achieved

Today I will burst through and I'll take you from here

We've been through the worst and we'll yet see the best

To find the beauty is the ultimate test

Today, today

I will open my heart

Set my persistence apart

Today, today

I will stand ever strong

With a smile, with a song

And I know I'll only get better…


Today, today, today

Today, today, today

I've grown all the more