I came to expect a god.

I was expecting him to be some great person, with long flowing hair and eyes that you could melt in for days. He was simple and quiet, and unassuming. He's spirit was darkened and he was sad. How could our leader love this pitiful creature? She was the one everyone looked up to. We would depend on her for the world, and she would give it to us. She deserved the most glorious of creatures, for all her struggles. Yet here he was, the man she wanted, and he was nothing. We hated him for the pain he caused her for years, but I suppose I realized that it was that pain that gave her strength. She talked of a promise given to her years ago, when she saw him, a glimpse into his eyes that lead to his soul. I couldn't see this pure white light that she could, however I trusted it was there. How could I not trust her word?

I had waited to see this man, who would be my rival out of necessity. I loved her and he would have to prove that he loved her as much to stand by her side. He entered our lives, and she smiled. He was broken and hurt, and she would sit by his side to heal his wounds. She would touch him with the tenderness of a friend, holding back the passion she held for him. She was a quiet storm, waiting to explode. She was the same person as before, and yet different. She was everything she was to me, but also she was everything to him. We were equal in her eyes, and I realized how much she loved me as well. How could I hope to destroy someone who was no threat to me?

He was nothing like what I expected. He had no strength, so how could he be for one with such strength. Then slowly she dragged it out of him. The dim light faded from his eyes, and he began to glow. He was becoming alive from the death he had set himself into. How she could save such a soul like his, I could never know. He know, for we talked one night and I learned the secret to her. That in her eyes hidden beneath her strong light was a will forged in the fires of hells. He had seen those fires as well, and she had brought him from them. That is why she could save him; because she had been there herself, she

already knew the path. How could I have never known? I didn't know her then. No one did. He knew who she was before, and after, but she had been alone in her darkness. Yet it was his knowledge of the girl she once was that allowed him to see what she went through. Pain she had not hidden from me, but pain I couldn't understand. Pain I couldn't accept in our strong leader.

Was it simply this connection to her past that put him at her side? Perhaps, but I think it was because she knew he would go through trials. That his light could shine as brightly as her own could, if only it was given air to breathe. Would I ever shine as brightly as those two. She could see into people and draw out their strength, their passion, and their destiny. She held the truths to so many things. What did he possess?

We were not to learn until he was awakened. He would support her and become her shield. I would always remain her right hand. However I could not defend her. She was a sword to us all, and thrust herself into battle for our sakes. Yet I realized how damaged she had become. Here now was a shield to hide behind and rest behind until she was ready for battle again. Yet would she ever have a chance to rest? No. She had to stay out as the sword to fight and defend us all. However the comfort of the shield was all she needed. A shield for us all.

Copyright (c) 2003 Cynthia Delker

Posted in the USA

All rights reserved.