Without knowing my heart

I'm okay I tell myself
I'm okay I tell to others.
Hidden behind masks
Illusions play their games.

I have mastered acting
So none can see behind the play
No one can know the secrets
Nothing given away.

Forbidden to speak
Bound up by the lies
Knowing what it will take for freedom
Unable to say it's recourse.

Nothing you or I say
Will solve the problems inside.
No puzzling over logic
deciphering riddles or lies.

The key to fix everything
Is beyond words
Hold me tightly
That's what you must do.

Emotions, and healing
Come from the touch of a hand.
More powerful then any force
Love is the rule of the land.

But I can't ask that of you
For it must be given of your heart
Freely to hold me,
Hold me tight till I fall apart.

Then the walls will be broken
The words will fly unbound
The truth can be spoken
Troubles washed away like sand.

But I sit here waiting.
Nothing spoken but with our eyes.
You wish to know my magic
Without knowing my heart.