For Jason's B-day
The world today,
Can not appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

The art of living,
the ability to grow and survive.

Never more then turning,
a piece of glowing amber.
Radiant in the light of it,
blue and green over mud.

We are but people walking our lives,
Hoping another day's relief is at hand.
Seeing nothing but tears in our eyes,
The struggle of our daily toils.

The inner soul,
A resting place of solititude.
Left to our mind,
The streets filled with strangers.

How can we go on?
Never finding the promises we were made.
Yet we do as we must.
Walking alone, head held high.
Beauty in the night.

Stop a moment, and let time drift away.
See the simplicity in the spider's web.
Hear the pattern that was created.
And know you live.

Happy Birthday, Jason.