How do you confess one's heart?

When all resides in balance.

Comfort is the state one is in,

Uncertain the world around it.

Risk or rush forward, all could be lost.

No movement and nothing can be gained.

To frightened to move,

but scared to move away.

All would change if simple words were spoken.

Will there be damage or joy?

The risk is to great for the destruction four fold,

That could fall upon me.

My heart beats on,

And it's almost unbearable the silence.

Was it no easier when we were so far apart.

The tempations not so great.

I say I'm content with my life,

but I lie.

I hold back in what I say,

trying not to lie to you.

I wish the truth could be spoken,

and you would be okay with it.

I'm not asking to be loved,

I just can't hold onto this pain.

Let me tell you I love you,

and talk as if it were someone else.

We can joke and laugh as friends,

but the truth wouldn't be bottled up inside.

I want to be true to you.

I want to end the lies.

But to do so, I could destroy everything.