Why do you tell me that you care,

Even when I know you don't?

Why do you tell me that you'll share,

Even when I know you won't?

Why do you break my heart,

Time and time again?

Why do you tear me apart,

Like a child in its mother's den?

Why do you slap, why do you sing?

Why do you tell me you give everything?

Why do you answer, why do you call?

Do you really care at all?

What is life without you?

Everything but black or blue.

What is life with you?

Nothing, just a hue

In the tapestry of life,

Where we live.

In the cruelty of the strife,

Our lives we give.

I'm sorry for what I'll do to you,

I'm sorry for what I've done,

But what I can say for everyone else,

I can't tell to anyone.

I wish that you'll hear me,

I don't think you'll comprehend,

But in the recesses of my soul,

I'll wait for you instead.