Filled with hatred

under my calm, smooth mask.

Face emotionless

anger living inside.

You don't see yourself

as I see you.

You see what you want

even though it's untrue.

I say you can't handle it when

it doesn't go your way.

I say you feel you're perfect

goddess like in form.

I say you think that you command

me dropping on my knees before you.

I say I don't know

and it hardly ever goes your way.

I roll my eyes, I bite my tongue

holding back what I should say.

You say that no one's perfect

yes, I know that

unlike you.

You say that what I say

is mean, pathetic and untrue.

Then you call me the names

I feel describe you.

Maybe you're scared

because what I say isn't false.

Maybe you're afraid

because I challenge

what's the norm.

Maybe you just think

I'm jealous

though you're not worth jealousy.

If you even think

it's all cut short in depth.

You refuse to see

all but what you want.

You refuse to look past

the world of lies

you've made immense.

Superficial, stuck up, snobby

hate to say it

but it's true.

It's one of many things

I could never

stand about you.