I said I've accepted

the fact that you've changed

but I still can't stand

what you are.

The rage isn't about

you being identical

an exact match

of everyone else.

Now it's about the way you act

the way you think

and how you feel.

There's a strong hatred

thriving inside

for the lies and superficiality

you foolishly defend.

You don't see my side

could never care less about me.

Or maybe you defending them

is your way of showing me

you've changed.

You way of telling me to just give up

telling me you've gone away.

I hate the way you've given up

on everything that's real.

The could shoulder

evil glare

I'm sorry

but what did I do?

I hope that you are liking

the way that you've turned out.

For I never thoguht I'd see you

acting as naivly

as this.