What's going on?

What's there to come?

When will this spool of confusion

twirl undone?

Lies and trickery

have become such a sport

to twist my thoughts

and my mind they contort

i shouldn't have done it

should've just stayed in bed

therefore these thoughts

wouldn't be running through my head

the fear pricks my stomach

draining my life

sharper than evil's

most sharpest knife

it pumps through my veins

faster and faster

it's conqured my mind

but it's my fear it should master

a time bombs ticking

rocking the cradle

a papercut's disguised

as something so fatal

hidden far away

in the back of the mind

engulfed under everything

so it's so hard to find

knowledge is power

and understanding is fear

then safety is forgotten

and far away from here

the irony is

death started from nothing but

a mind, a pencil, and that small papercut