The Bard and Brinkmanship

Spring break over.

Return to Shakespeare.

Business as usual.

Not business as usual.

Not an isolated protective pocket

That traps only loose change and liberals.

Exposed, afraid, and very much part of it.

People are fasting outside,

While we read the works of a Dead White Male.

But he's a talented Dead White Male.

Political correctness goes overboard with the Bard.

Teachers cancelled class in protest.

I bet the students didn't protest that.

Peace Rally. Wednesday, at 12. By the Library.

Twelfth Night.

Dark comedy.

Classic comedy.

Complex comedy.

Love? Life?


Oh, yeah, in the play too.

All the world's a stage,

And this is going to be one ugly scene.

With all the bleakness of Lear.

At best.

Blow, winds and crack your cheeks…

Innocents will die.

A classic motif in tragedy.

Almost cliché- shouldn't we avoid that?

Learn from the literature we worship?