By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had started in the year 2991--the year in which we had placed a colony known as Lunarbase One on the moon and--at first--had kept contact with the members of the colony,who had reported that all was well there.

But that was before a few months later,when we had suddenly and mysteriously lost contact with the colony and we were trying to figure out what had happened to them.

A couple of days later,it has been decided to send a well equipted and trained team to Lunarbase One to find out what had happened to the colony's inhabitants.

And so,on Tuesday,April 29th,the space shuttle Xavier had lauched from Cape Carnaveral and zoomed it's way to the moon.

As the shuttle had approached the colony,the communications officer,Lt. Cassandra Stark had tried to contact the colony and get permission for the shuttle to land.

Four times she had tried--and four times she had failed.

After the fourth and final time,the commander,Capt. John Speilberg had agreed with the others that they had waited enough and decided to land without permission.

And then,after the shuttle had landed,John and the rest of the crew had stepped out of the ship and into the moonbase.

Then,after they had split up into seperate teams,John and Cassandra had gone to the colony's command bridge to check the base's main computer system for clues.

They had found the clues alright--but that was after they had opened the door to the command bridge and discovered some of the colony members encased in some goo-like substance.

As soon as John had placed his hands on one of the colony members,she had opened her eyes and--with a hint of fear in her voice--pleaded,"Please!I'm begging you!Kill me!Kill me,before it's too late!"

But just then,John had became startled by a sound that was behind him--the sound of someone screaming his or her head off.

John had turned around and discovered that Cassandra had suddenly disappeared.

"STARK!",called a concerned John."WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?ANSWER ME,STARK!"

That answer had came to him--in a really big way,for as soon as he had stepped out of the command bridge,he had suddenly found himself face-to-face with a swarm of very nasty-looking humanoid bug creatures.

And just as he was about to aim his gun at them and open fire,one of the giant bugs had pounced on John and started to eat him alive,causing him to scream bloody murder.

As soon as we had lost contact with the crew of the space shuttle Xavier,it has finally been decided to classify Lunarbase One as a contaminated colony and should be considered off-limits.

Farewell,members of Lunarbase One colony and crew of the space shuttle Xavier.

May you all rest in peace.