The Majesty, The Magus, & The Prime A mythological story

On the planet, their stars are not the same as ours. Their religion and beliefs are not like ours either, but they are much like us. They are humans such as we are. They live on a planet, ours being Earth. They call theirs the Majesty, or Jesty for short. But let us forget what we are, where we are and who we are. Let us be part of this society, this world, and see them as they are, by what they believe.

One moon and one sun revolved around their planet. But here they call the moon the Night Shadow. It is the moon that is the center of a myth that their culture is based on. The sun is the good father, also known as just the father or the Magus. The mother being the earth the live on, their planet called Jesty, short for The Majesty. In the legend The Majesty and The Magus came together to form The Prime, their daughter. The Prime walked the land of the Earth, or Jesty her mother. The Prime created all the creatures as she walked. She created man and women as playmates, that look much as she did. But they had no real thoughts, just animals with her form. One day The Prime's hair tangled in a tree as she played with man and women. The Prime danced away from the grasp of the tree, but a few strands of hair where caught still in the branches of the tree.

A large black crow circled the sky. The Crow was one of The Primes first creations, along with the Polar Bear, White Wolf, Zebra and other black and white animals. This Crow saw the glint of the gold hair caught in the tree, and landed on the tree observing the gold strands. The crow was not intelligent and thought the strands of hair might be good to eat. So quickly The Crow gobbled up the strands of hair. These strands of hair moved inside The Crow. They moved threw the being of The Crow warping it. These strands giving life and power to The Crow, beyond just the life and existence of an animal. Its size grew and grew, until it was larger then The Prime. (The Prime said to be the size of a 12 year old child.) The Crow's wings fell from his bones, becoming a black cloak of feathers. It's bones becoming arms with flesh, and the threads becoming a robe of gold. The Crow looked now like a man, clad in his gold robe beneath the black feather cloak, completely a man with black hair, except for his eyes. His eyes showed him to be The Crow, black eyes with no white iris to them. The black eyes reflecting the glint of the light from the Magus above, and he now had the ability to think, and with these thoughts came a name. He called himself The Crow for that was what The Prime had named him, he remembered that now, and that it was her hair that brought him to this state. He had to go to her and thank her.

In a thought the man was back in his bird form, flying towards the girl. Landing at The Prime's feet The Crow looked up at her beauty, changing into the man with solid black eyes. He looked at The Prime and felt his first true non-animal emotion of love for The Prime. He loved her, and as he stood infront of her his first reaction was to reach for her, to hold her in his strong arms. The Prime did not know what this creature was before her, and when he reached for her, she was scared. The Prime turned and ran.

The Prime ran across The Majesty her mother, calling for her mother's help, but the land did not help her. The Crow following after The Prime in the form of a man. The Prime then flew up into the sky, begging The Magus her father for help. The Crow flying up without wings, much like The Prime, but where ever his black cloak touched, the blue sky turned black. As The Crow chased The Prime threw the sky, The Magus moved to hide behind his wife The Majesty. The sky was now almost covered in darkness from the touch of The CrowÕs cloak. The Prime grew tired and The Crow took her into his arms, but her flesh burned at his touch. Her white skin becoming as black as his cloak of feathers. Her fear of him turning her hair white with gleaming light. It is said The Magus could not stand watching his daughter's pain, and threw a lighting bolt at The Crow. The lighting bolt did not hit The Crow but he Magus daughter instead. The PrimeÕs final death scream became the winds around her mother, her body shattering into thousand of pieces. The Crow watched quietly and grew in size out of his sadness, covering the entire sky in darkness. For three days there was only darkness on one side of the planet, The Magus hiding behind his wife for three days. The first day The Crow was silent. On the second day The Crow cried, and these tears fell on The Man and The Woman, giving them the life he had obtained from The Prime's strands of hair. The Man and The Woman becoming more then any of the other animals. The third day The Crow gathered the pieces of the shattered Prime. He set all the glowing pieces into the sky, forming pictures in the darkness. The constellations came to be, formed in honor of The Prime, The Magus, The Majesty and even one of the sorrowing Crow himself. When The Crow was finished with the pieces and pictures, he then gathered up The Prime's strands of hair. He then set up the strands into the sky, forming a crescent moon.

The Crow grew tired atlast , and The Magus moved from behind The Majesty and saw The Crow's work. The Magus was in awe about the pictures in the darkness, seeing his likeness and his wife's as well. It was The Crow's work that saved him from having The Magus destroy him. The Magus then looked down upon The Man and The Woman, and saw they had knowledge and thoughts, they would continue and thrive as well. The Magus then set up The Crow as humanity's keeper, as punishment for his crime.

The Crow was renamed The Demon, or The Demon Of The Dead. The Man and The Women renamed The Prime's image in the sky as The Night Shadow. The people of the planet Jesty continued. The storms on the planet showing each time the continued battle between the Magus and The Demon.