The Last Night

Chapter I

She stood quietly over him and watched him breath. She watched the fall and rise of his chest and wondered how she ever reached this point. She thought she would have these moments forever. She thought she would have him forever, but instead she had this one last night. She reached to touch the dark curl of hair laying on his face, then thought better of it. She wanted to savor this moment of watching the peaceful, unknowing sleep of a child. Backing away from his sleeping form, she turned to face the window and the dark fields that stretched away from the building. If only she had known, if only she could have done things differently. But that time had passed. So had any opportunity to change his fate. It was settled now.

She thought back to the beginning, her youth . . .

"Cy! Cy, wait up! I'll come with you!" She yelled at the dark haired boy. She ran down the trail, leaping nimbly over the branches in the path, catching up to him quickly.

"Go home Norah! You're too young to come. You'll get in the way. Go play with your dolls or something," Cy grinned at her.

"Dolls?! Damn you, Cy. You know damn well I'm 16, 17 next month! I don't play with damn dolls!" Norah yelled, punching him playfully in the arm.

"I see someone has learned a new profanity. Well, you're still too young. Go home!" Cy continued down the trail, thinking it was settled. Norah, unwilling to "just go home", begin throwing small stones at his back.

"Dammit Cy! Let me go with you. I'm just as good as you, if not faster. And who would suspect me?" Norah yelled. Cy turned back towards her.

"You really think you could get away with it?" he asked as he approached her. He stared down at her.

"You're damn right". Tossing her long black hair, and flashing her equally dark eyes, she stared back, daring him to think otherwise.

"Fine, you can come," he relented. "Plus you're probably right anyway". He turned away and started back down the trail.

"Right about what?" She was almost jogging to keep up with he hurried steps.

"Who would suspect a cute little thing like you anyway?" He grinned at her out the corner of his eyes. She punched him lightly.

"Shut up Cy". She grinned ear to ear for the rest of the walk down the trail into the city.

As they continued down trail, Norah thought back to her freshman year, and how hard she fought for him, the ever elusive senior. But she had always been his Lil Fish, the little sister he had never had to torture. He had always remained the older boy she thought she would never have. He claimed it was the age difference, she only being 14 then and he 18. But apparently now age seemed to matter less and less. She had caught him more and more often this summer looking at her from underneath he long dark locks he called hair. And she couldn't say she hadn't been enjoying having his attention for once. . .

She turned from the window at the sound of the door opening. A guard entered, carrying a tray of food. She motioned for him to place it on the table near the door and turned back towards the window, once again lost in her thoughts.