Days have past, many months had too,

It's been years since I've see you.

Yet here I wait today, standing at the door,

Waiting until I see if you've become a bore.

How have you aged? How have you fared?

Are you just as nervous as I am scared?

The door knocked sounds; it's time to go,

I open the door and feel my heart a glow.

Seven years aged you will, I think,

And by your expression I give you a wink.

So, we go on our "date", Zach's being a bore,

I look at you, expecting you to snore.

So quite you are, so quite indeed,

It gets on my nerves, you making me lead.

God, why are you so quiet?

You have a voice; there is no reason to not try it.

I'll suffer through; Zach said you were silent by nature,

One day I'll take you on, of that you can be sure.

The "date is over now, I wish it isn't thought.

Such a sad this it is, to watch you go.

"It's been good to see you, let's get together again."

He agrees and I smile as I fiddle with a pen.

"Here's my number, call me sometime."

He agrees, then turns and leaves me behind.

It's been seven years since I've see you,

And I already like you.