Journey 2 am

The streetlights orange shining bright,
Piercing holes in armoured night.
Feathered flames in glass prisons sing,
Snowflakes burning like Icarus' wings.

I'm on a journey
A journey 2 am

Talcum carpet beneath my feet,
Smells so saccharine and sweet.
Glittering diamond lichens pave,
The concrete cairns of autumns grave.

Eyeballs orbit round the sleeper's guile
Fixed in place by insomniac gravity

I trudge forward blind and weary,
Through this night so deep and dreary.
The icy glitter before my eye,
On the hollow wings of zephyrs fly.

My senses are heightened (I feel)
I see the gaping maw before me (the bridge)

The saw my noble privilege,
To hack limbs off trolls beneath the bridge.
This jagged-toothed sword I proudly wield,
With a plastic bag my only shield.

The gaping maw devours me whole
(an arch)
In the heart of darkness I find myself
(beneath the bridge)

The wailing siren's distant call
Oh lovely music of my fall!
An icy gust of midnight's breath
Imparts me visions of my death.

The concrete ceiling begins to shake
The icy stalactites tremble and fall

The dissonance of galloping horses o'erhead,
The heavens collapsing oh how I do dread.
From this dark cavern I promptly depart,
Into the canvas of sickle moon's art.

I run through the pines (the three beasts are gone)
Ascending the icy slope to see

A phantom locomotive dashing away from me,
From here to the ends of eternity.
20th century Jormungand with metal scales lined,
Cradled neo midgard in its body entwined.

The ground beneath me trembles
My eyes fixated on the serpent
As snowflakes cascade down my body
An ivory beaded curtain descending.
The stars burn out one by one
Like candles snuffed
by clouds of rolling thunder in
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
The locomotive runs without end
earth trembling beneath its passage.
Surely the world is ending.
Ragnarok! A white apocalypse!
The earth will quake and sever
The gods will fly from the fissure
Their eternal war will follow and
Oh joy! Oh glory!
We will be lost! We will be gone!
This is the end.

A mournful wail delivers me to consciousness
I see clearly again.
I am eager to return home once more
A mother's scowl awaits me.
The journey 2 am has ended.
The train grows evanescent
The white curtains close.