Dear Friend

You sit here complaining

about past relationships,

of how you gave it your all,

yet little was given in return.

But I often wonder,

is this truly the case?


For here we,

almost fifteen years as friends,

sit together.

I give you my shoulder,

when you need to shed a tear.

I give you my ears,

when you need to spill out your soul.

I give you my lips,

-sealed tightly shut-

when you need a secret kept.

I give you all I am able to,


Yet you chastise me for silence,

though silence is what you asked for.

You chide me for secrecy,

though secrecy is what you wanted.

You scold me for being me,

though individuality is snug against your heart.


You leave me here,

alone and uneasy,

just so you may go off

on another excursion

I'll have to keep silent.


So I wonder,

what have you given?