See Yourself

- Jeril Dragonsoul

Red, red blood is all I see,

And then it all fades into me.

A singing siren smiling sweetly,

And my life is here before me.

Feel the visions,

See the sounds,

Hear the caresses,

Know your enemy.

Crucifing all we know and trust,

Before our children turn to dust.

The angel burns in Heaven's fire,

While God consumes Man's desire.

Spiral downward,

Spinning upward,

Light cascading,

My life fading.

Demons cling to the fiery sun,

Stay in shadows, light always shun.

Inside you'll stay because you know,

Angels hide in the fallen snow.

Turn a circle,

Paint your mind,

Open the door,

Fall behind.

Blind colors streaking everywhere,

Staining all those who cannot care.

In a stream of song, lives pass you by,

So quickly, silently and then they die.

Stop and pause,

Open your eyes,

Feel the colors,

And then realize...

Angels hide as God consumes Man's desire...