Drifting Away

- Jeril Dragonsoul

Sitting here contemplating the face of despair,

Wishing I could let it go and drift away,

These worries gnaw away at my soul,

And soon nothing will remain,

But the residue of my passing:

A few memories burned into the walls of the mind,

The shadows staining the floors of the soul,

And the washed out image of my life,

A disturbing, worthless picture not worthy of thought,

Though occasionally worth a smile,

Or a tear to grace the face of an angel,

An angel that turns to the true form of a demon,

In the end as it fades quickly from the records,

That is how it will turn as death overcomes life,

And the souls of all burn too long,

An eternity that stretches on forver,

A forever that is only minutes,

And the sands of time slow their fall,

And I close my eyes for a last time,

As I let it go,

And drift away.