Why Did You Have to Die?


Why? Why did you have to die?

Why did you slit your own wrist

right there at the dinner table?

Why didn't anyone notice?

Why didn't anyone see the puddle of blood

flowing over the table onto the floor...

I can see it flowing now,

in long, lush lines, tracing down your arm.

I can feel the dizziness you get from such blood loss.

I can hear the soft woosh as your body falls through the air, then,


Your body slams into the floor.


Why didn't anyone pay more attention to you?

You were gentler than a lamb,

sweeter than candy,

as graceful as a swan,

strong as an ox,

light as a butterfly,


You were all I had.

Why did you have to leave me by myself?

Was it because I was constantly worried about you?

Did I care too much for your health?

Why? Why did you have to die?

I can't live without you,

so I'll be seeing you soon.