The Right of Spring?

First day of spring some say.

Eggs and greens for breakfast.

Rushing through the rain—

no time for the news.

Anthropology—the irony of studying peace now,

of people living together in tolerance, now of all times. Then,

stuck in Shakespeare,

while we are thrown into war.



volio=volition? wishes?

Malevolence rules the day.

Class is short one.

Called away, given 24 hours.

Go East young man.

Chase the sun into Kuwait,

into the heart of the burning.

Here in the West there is no sun.

Vaulted sky in opaque grey oil paint…

Early rain, ripples in brown puddles

filling potholes in crumbling asphault.

Baghdad on fire.

Can't even fix the roads properly.

Dust and drizzles.

Damp security blanket,

shrouding us from thought.

Bombs falling far away.

Innocents in harm's way.

And we sit,

and read the Bard.