A/N: This is a true story which happened last week. Hilarious (at least, from my point of view...). Enjoy!

Only a week ago, I was sitting comfortably in the coffee-room of one of the university institutes, attempting to do some homework. My concentration, however, was disrupted by a furious buzzing from the ancient coffee-machine crouching on top of an equally ancient table. It was like having a nest of wasps a few feet away. After a while, I could no longer bear it. I flung my pen aside and shut my book with a slam. Frowning, I strode over to the machine, and, pressing the dust-coated switch with my foot, turned off the current. A blessed silence crept back, and I resumed my seat at the table. Soon, people came inside and tried to coax the machine into giving them the essential cup of coffee they needed to survive the tedious day. With many a black glance, they soon gave up and marched off. One lady even suspected that her coin was too old, and exchanged it with one of mine, without success, naturally. Surrounded by an aura of innocence, I, the evil culprit and hypocrite, watched people grumble and swear at the unyielding machine. My asocial and selfish gesture (unusual for me, if I may point out in order to defend myself) had unexpected consequences.

A few days ago, I waltzed into the coffee-room, and ended up gawking in complete disbelief at the brand-new, silver, glossy and modern coffee-machine which had an air of majestic grandeur about it as it squatted smugly on top of the table, orange lights aglow. I swayed my way to my favourite place and collapsed into an armchair, shaking with laughter until my sides ached.

Then, when a girl came inside and inserted a coin into the slot, I pointed out that the new coffee-machine looked very chic indeed.

"Yes, the old one stopped working altogether last week," she explained.

She left the room. A nasty mischievous smirk spread across my face. I rummaged for my wallet, nudged a coin into the slot of the coffee-machine, and celebrated its arrival with a cup of very good coffee. I danced down the stairs to the lecture-hall, still chuckling.